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Try Not to Laugh Challenge

The Barbie Dreamhorse isn’t horsing around --try not to laugh or grin as the pretty white horse plays with Barbie, her family and friends in this video.And try not to be amazed --this interactive horse responds to actions and touch with more than 30 reactions of its own.You may be tempted to laugh at how Barbie’s sisters decorate its mane or how it styles Chelsea’s hair. Perhaps you’ll gasp at its athletic prowess or giggle along during a wardrobe malfunction.You might grin when the horse lets friends out to play or snags a treat at Chelsea’s ice cream cart.Make an attempt to stifle an LOL when the music starts --this horse can play three songs and perform three dances (quite the moves). And just try not to lose the laugh challenge when Barbie’s Dreamhorse gets the last laugh!