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Item #: 78790922280
Barbie Make-Up Artist Sketch Set
MSRP: $19.99
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie Make-Up Artist Sketch Set

Whether it’s a day at the beach or date-night glam, Barbie® needs the perfect make-up for every occasion. With the Barbie Make-Up Artist Sketch Set design and sketch beauty looks for Barbie® on the formatted sketch sheets, then use the “Tree-Free” colored pencils and make-up set to create flawless looks. The design guide provides tips and tricks that professional make-up artists use to enhance eyes, cheeks, or lips and that will keep Barbie® looking her best. Finish everything by embellishing the designs with shiny foil stickers. This set includes 6 eye shadow colors, 2 cheek colors, 3 lip colors, 2 make-up brushes, 10 “Tree Free” colored pencils, 30 stickers, 25 make-up sketch sheets, and a design guide. Parents: Don’t worry if the make-up in this set ends up on your child’s skin. It’s been fully tested to pass the safety standards of real make-up, although it’s intended for use as an art material in this kit. Ages 4+includes: 25 sketch sheets, 52 stickers and design guideProduct Label Contents:Warning: functional sharp edge on pencil sharpener. use carefully.Assembled product dimensions: L 10.50 inches x W 2.00 inches x H 11.00 inches x W 0.69 pounds

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