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Item #: CFF32
Barbie Fairytale Fairy Doll Assortment
MSRP: $16.99
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie Fairytale Fairy Doll Assortment

These fairy dolls shine so brilliantly they could be mistaken for stars! With brightly colored hair, glittery bodices and sparkly wings, they’re ready to make magic. Choose from Barbie doll in pretty pink and fabulous yellow, Summer doll wearing brilliant blues and rosy pinks and Teresa doll dressed in popping purple and teal. Each wears an easy snap-on bodice with a unique silhouette, butterfly cutouts and tons of glitter and shine! Removable skirts are designed in satiny hues with sheer contrasting peplums, while colored legs and fairy shoes are whimsical touches. Easy snap-on butterfly-inspired fairy wings look ready to take flight in matching colors and sparkling designs. Adorned with more butterflies, brightly colored fairy tiaras complete the magical looks. Collect them all to mix and match, creating delightfully different fairytale characters. Fashions and accessories are interchangeable throughout the mix-and-match line of princess, mermaid and fairy dolls (sold separately). Stick with traditional characters or create new ones, like a mer-fairy, a fairy princess or a winged mermaid princess -- whatever fits the story! Items are easily removed and replaced by small hands. Girls will love telling their own fairytales with the fabulous fashions and accessories to match! Includes doll wearing fashions, wings and accessories. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Ages 3 and older.

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