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Item #: 61380
Barbie Vet Bag Set
MSRP: $39.94
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie Vet Bag Set

You can be a Pet Vet! Take great care of your precious pet friend with the Barbie Kiss and Care Pet Doctor Set! This caring set features a stylish backpack and soft pet plush that really interacts with you! Your pet's nose will light up when she needs your help to feel better. Use the bottle to nurse your pet friend back to health and hear realistic drinking noises and fun Barbie phrases! Young doctors can really wear the backpack and carry their pet friend around inside! The backpack features a roll down window for your pet friend's comfort and a side panel that zips down for easy access to your doctor tools! The set also comes with 5 other cute Barbie themed accessories including: a play stethoscope, play syringe, tissue, bandage and play donut treat! With the Barbie Hug and Kiss Pet Doctor Set, you will be the most stylish Pet Vet in town! Requires 3-AAA batteries (included).

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