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Item #: 62560
Barbie Large Cash Register
MSRP: $29.99
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie Large Cash Register

Cha-ching! Ring up your customers in style with the new Barbie Cash Register! This fabulous register has so many fun features and accessories for little shop owners to play with! Press the buttons on the real working calculator to give your customers their total and then ring them up with the play money and credit card! The drawer even pops-out like a real working register! Featuring realistic register sounds and fun Barbie phrases, kids will feel like they are working right alongside Barbie! Use the cute cell phone with scanner and credit card reader to check out customers on the go! The perfect gift for every entrepreneur in training! Full set includes: one Barbie Cash Register, play cash and coins, one play credit card, one cell phone with built in play credit card scanner, one play bottle of sunscreen, one play water bottle. Ages 3+ What's Included: •One Barbie Cash Register with sounds and phrases •One cell phone with built in scanner •One play bottle of sunscreen •One play water bottle •One play credit card •Play money

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