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Item #: CMF42
Barbie® Eye Doctor
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie® Eye Doctor

Explore new careers in depth with the Barbie® Careers complete play sets. From medicine to teaching, Barbie® makes anything possible! The Barbie® Careers Eye Doctor set brings everything into focus with a special examination chair and eye chart. Eye Doctor Barbie® doll can start her workday by checking the vision of the adorable toddler included with the set, who wears a pretty floral dress with pink sneakers for a trendy look. Place the patient in the special pink chair to start -- it's designed to keep her snug for the eye exam but also has signature style with silvery and blue accents and a swinging arm that holds the vision station. Barbie® doll can check her patient’s eyes with the tool that fits on her hand then have her read the stand-up eye chart that doubles as a glasses display. If Barbie® prescribes glasses, there are four fun pairs from which to choose, including glam heart-shaped frames to modern black frames -- so many fun styles! Barbie® is seeing clearly in glasses of her own that complement her fabulous outfit: a blue printed skirt, solid top, black heels and white doctor’s coat. Explore the world of optometry with this eye-opening set! Includes Barbie® doll wearing career fashion and eyeglasses, toddler patient doll wearing fashion, vision chair/station, eye chart, vision tool and four pairs of toddler glasses. Barbie® doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. Features: Explore new careers in depth with the Barbie® Careers play sets! The Barbie® Careers Eye Doctor set brings everything into focus with an adorable toddler patient to examine! Place the toddler patient in the examination chair with its vision station to get started -- the chair is designed to keep her snug with signature style and realistic details. Make a diagnosis using the vision tool (that fits on Barbie® doll’s hand) and eye chart that doubles as a display station for eyeglasses. Find the perfect fit with four pairs of toddler eyeglasses from which to choose. Frame styles include pink hearts, cat eyes, colorful circles and modern black. Dressed in a white doctor’s coat with fashionable accents, Barbie® the eye doctor is ready for a day of treating patients.

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