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Item #: GGT76
Barbie® Accessory
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie® Accessory

Barbie® doll loves surprises -- and loves to share them! This collection of surprise packs offers lots of unknowns to discover and share! Each pack holds one or two fashion pieces inside, but what they are remains a secret until it's opened. The possibilities include so many trendy looks -- like a t-shirt with a unicorn print and a complementary purse, a donut-themed tote bag and a pair of sunglasses or a purse featuring a cat unicorn. Colors are bright, prints and graphics are cool and style is signature Barbie®! Shake, squeeze and select a pack, then open it to find the goodies inside. Collect them all to mix and match to create unique looks for Barbie® doll (sold separately), swap with friends to find favorites and explore the world of fashion. It's so much fun to dress up Barbie® doll and tell so many stories because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines everything she can become! Includes one or two fashion pieces for Barbie® doll; doll not included. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

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