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Item #: GGT44
Barbie® Crayola® Color-In Fashions Doll & Fashions
Appropriate for: 5+

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Barbie® Crayola® Color-In Fashions Doll & Fashions

​Color in fun and draw out creativity with the Barbie® CRAYOLA® Color-In Fashion creative art set that comes with all the tools to create unique looks, including Barbie® doll. The doll and fashions set inspires all kinds of ideas with clothing that's meant to be colored in -- then washed and colored in again for endless fun! Barbie® doll comes with five Crayola® Silly Scents™ markers, two dresses, one top, one skirt and one headpiece, plus a watermelon-shaped purse that's scented, too! All of the fashion pieces are designed in washable white with fruity designs and a few touches of color to inspire young imaginations. Choose a fashion, place it on the dress form, then color in a little or color in a lot. Play out a story with Barbie® doll in the look. A pair of shoes and a scented watermelon-shaped purse are trendy accessories for any outfit. Then wash the fashion out and color it again. With a total of four washable fashion pieces and five scented colors, young designers can explore so many looks. They'll love being able to express their style and creativity in endless ways! Includes Barbie® doll wearing washable fashion and shoes, three additional washable clothing items, one headpiece, one dress form, five scented Crayola® markers and a scented purse. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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