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Item #: GJB71
Barbie® Dolls, Vehicles and Accessories
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie® Dolls, Vehicles and Accessories

Imaginations can take Barbie® and Ken™ dolls from poolside stories to a beach cruise with this Barbie® gift set that's all about fun in the sun! With a cool convertible Barbie® car, a pool with a slide, a puppy and themed accessories, the playtime possibilities are endless. In colorful swimwear, Barbie® and Ken™ dolls are ready for poolside fun -- fill the pool with water and send them down the slide to make a splash! When they're done splashing around, kids can dress the pair in casual fashions – a bright, striped dress for Barbie® and a cool button-down for Ken™ – then buckle them into the convertible to take a cruise. The bright blue and pink car features realistic details like rolling wheels, seatbelts for two and silvery accents. Summertime accessories include a pair of sandals and sunglasses for each doll, a towel, tote, hat, sunblock and an adorable puppy. With so many pieces, kids can take the pair on endless adventures! This Barbie® gift set makes a great gift for 3 to 7 year olds. Let them explore all the playtime possibilities and learn that you can be anything with Barbie®!

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