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Item #: BDB20
BARBIE® Hair Tattoos™ Doll - African American
MSRP: $19.99
Appropriate for: 5+

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BARBIE® Hair Tattoos™ Doll - African American

Barbie doll gets a totally awesome decorated 'do with a series of totally cute hair tattoos girls can apply to her already fabulous long blonde locks. Seat her in the salon chair, and decide which of the many design options makes the perfect statement. The set comes with 13 design strips! Then simply clip a strip to Barbie doll's hair, wet the hair with the included spray bottle and use the realistic (no heat!) flat-iron tool to swipe and transfer the decals to Barbie doll's hair. The swiping iron tool makes it easy. Then style the decorated locks to create even more fabulous looks. Add stars, hearts, flowers or graphics. The hair tattoos stay in place, even with brushing! Accessories like a comb, barrettes and a clip let girls twist, braid and hold to create a nearly endless variety of glamorous hairstyles. When complete, Barbie doll can admire her new look with the tiny heart-shaped hand mirror. Too much? Too little? Wash it out, and start all over! Includes Barbie doll dressed for a day at the salon, colorful decals, special spray, comb, clip barrettes, heart-shaped mirror, flat iron and stylist's chair. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 5 and older.

  • Girls will love giving Barbie doll a decorated "do with hair tattoos!
  • Simply clip, spray, swipe and style to design Barbie doll"s long, fabulous hair.
  • 13 design strips!
  • Doll also comes with styling accessories, like a salon chair, comb and hair clips.
  • o Barbie doll looks fab in a colorful fashion and strappy shoes.

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