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Item #: BDB33
BARBIE® Iron-On Style™ Doll - African American
MSRP: $19.99
Appropriate for: 5+

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BARBIE® Iron-On Style™ Doll - African American

Once again, Barbie doll proves fashion is all about fun - and it's even more fun when you're the designer The Barbie Iron-On Style doll comes with the fashions and tools girls can use to create their own printed t-shirts. The more than 32 pieces include multiple fashions and decal sheets along with a no-heat “iron,” a dress form to iron on and a hip-looking Barbie doll. Select any of the fashions - tops, skirts and even a “denim” vest is included - then choose the perfect decal. Put the item on the dress form, place the decal on the clothing, then rub with the “iron” to complete the transfer and permanently apply! It's so easy! Girls will love creating looks that are totally their own. With three tops, two skirts, one jacket and more than 30 decals, girls can mix and match styles, colors and fun! Includes Barbie doll, iron, dress form, three decal sheets, three tops, two skirts, one vest, one pair of shoes and a fab necklace. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 5 and older.

  • Girls become the designer with a few simple steps and a few simple tools!
  • Select a decal and apply it to the garment with the no-heat “iron.”
  • Choose from a variety of decals (more than 30!) and fashions.
  • Includes doll, fashions, decals, iron, garment board and accessories.

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