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Item #: CLD94
Barbie® Spin 'N Ride™ Pups
MSRP: $24.99
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie® Spin 'N Ride™ Pups

With two pets included for the ride, Barbie® doll is off on her next big adventure, just like in the movie! As the bike is pushed forward, Barbie® doll really pedals and the dogs move with her on their skateboards. One dog even spins around the other -- so fun! To get the action started, place Barbie® doll on the bicycle seat and clip her feet and hands into the pedals and handlebars; place the mommy dog on the big skateboard; and put her puppy on the little one. Then push forward and see them all move together -- wow! Barbie® doll's legs really pedal while the mommy dog skateboards forward and the puppy skateboards in circles around her mom on her own skateboard. It's total fun, exciting movement and realistic bike-riding action! Barbie® doll is ready for adventure in her "hero" outfit seen in the movie: a floral tunic and blue plastic pants (non-removable) with boots and a pink helmet for safety, of course! Barbie® doll's bicycle is just as stylish designed in pink and teal with silvery handlebars. Recreate favorite scenes from the movie or tell new puppy tales with this fabulous set that captures the adventurous action -- everyone rides together!

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