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Item #: DJR53
Barbie® Style Your Way Doll & Playset - African American
MSRP: $14.99
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie® Style Your Way Doll & Playset - African American

Barbie® doll comes with lots of glam accessories to create a new ‘do with ease. A hairbrush and doll hair dryer let young stylists play out the prep on Barbie® doll to get her ready for any occasion. A collection of clips and accessories lets them add shape and color. Choose from two hair color extensions in signature pink and purple, two sets of hair clips with decorative detail and an adorable headband with bow. When the look is complete, Barbie® doll can check it out in the heart-shaped mirror -- place it in her hand for added realism! Dressed in a fabulous outfit of pink shimmery skirt, print top and cute shoes, Barbie® doll will be ready to head out with fabulous hair! Or you can take it down, brush it out and start all over for tons of hairstyling fun!

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