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Item #: DPY37
Barbie® Rainbow Cove™ 7 Doll Gift Set
Appropriate for: 3+

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Barbie® Rainbow Cove™ 7 Doll Gift Set

Enter the Rainbow Cove™ kingdom with this colorful pack of seven dolls! Each Chelsea™ doll represents a different color of the rainbow to complete a magical make-believe moment. Together, they are a band of color -- each wears an adorable, brightly colored outfit and has vibrant matching hair in a unique hairstyle. Cute shoes and a fun hair accessory for each style complete the looks with matching or complementary colors. See red with the Chelsea™ doll wearing ruffles on her red dress and a blue bow in her long red hair. Chelsea™ doll in orange brightens the day with a floral print and pink heart-decorated headband adorning her orange pigtails. Yellow Chelsea™ doll is sunshine with a sheer printed skirt overlay and coral tiara for her bright yellow hair. Chelsea™ doll wearing teal is brilliant in a bubble skirt and purple bow for her teal locks. Blue Chelsea™ doll is serene wearing a wrap skirt and pink flower bunholder around her blue updo. Pink Chelsea™ doll is a favorite with a drop-waist silhouette and yellow bow headband for her long pink hair. And violet Chelsea™ doll is a vision with ruffed layers and a sparkling blue tiara atop her long purple locks. Build out an entire rainbow kingdom with this instant collection. Tell all sorts of colorful fairytales, and play out all types of adventure. These seven dolls are ready to brighten the day with storytelling fun! Set includes seven Chelsea™ dolls wearing fashions and accessories. Colors and decorations may vary.

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