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Item #: FDB32
​Chelsea™ Dolls with Pets and Outdoor Play Sets!
MSRP: $14.99
Appropriate for: 3+

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​Chelsea™ Dolls with Pets and Outdoor Play Sets!

Chelsea™ doll and her friends love to take their pets outside, and these sets are perfect for two besties to spend a day in the sun. Choose from a pet picnic under a gazebo or a pet friendly ice cream cart. Each comes with a Chelsea™ doll in a bright outfit, an adorable pet, a large play piece with a working feature and smaller themed accessories to round out play. At the pet picnic, Chelsea™ doll and her bunny can eat in the Barbie® gazebo dining set. It has a table and two chairs that double as a swing! Treats like carrots, a cupcake and a drink look good enough to eat. At the ice cream cart, a Chelsea™ friend doll and her kitty can each have an ice cream cone -- pull them from the bin or display them on the counter next to the register. Then get the fun rolling by placing the kitty in the basket and moving the cart forward on its two wheels -- the umbrella will spin as the cart moves! Chelsea™ doll and her friend each look adorable wearing a molded bodice, removable fabric skirt and cute shoes. The larger pieces have colorful designs and iconic details like heart cutouts in the gazebo or sweets decals on the cart. Animal lovers can play out all kinds of fun stories with these pet-friendly sets. Includes Chelsea™ doll wearing fashion and accessories, pet figure, large storytelling piece with working features and themed accessories. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

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