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Item #: FHV76
Barbie™ On The Go Vehicle Assortment
MSRP: $9.99
Appropriate for: 4 +

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Barbie™ On The Go Vehicle Assortment

On the Go is Barbie® doll's first-ever track system built to inspire new ways to play! Barbie® doll and her friends really move with motorized ponies, cars and scooters -- and they stay on track for play set storytelling. The motorized cars and scooters can really drive all on their own! Just push the license plate-shaped button on the back of each vehicle to see it go. The motorized wheels let it roll on any flat surface -- as well as on play sets and tracks within the line (sold separately, subject to availability). Bobble heads on the small dolls bring their personalities to life. Choose from cute convertibles or sporty scooters, all designed in bright colors with colorful decals and silvery wheels. Barbie™ On the Go Dolls fit easily on the seat. Flexible hips and legs let them sit, and a clip on the scooters holds a doll in place. Each small doll wears a unique outfit with a removable accessory that matches the vehicle. Convertible drivers have sunglasses, and scooter riders come with helmets. The dolls' fashions feature bright colors with on-trend patterns and decals. Designed in 4-inch scale, the On the Go small dolls are ready for big imaginations. Young minds can play out so many stories with these dolls and motorized vehicles. Collect all of the Barbie™ On the Go toys and accessories to expand the possibilities because you can be anything with Barbie® (sold separately, subject to availability). Includes 4-inch doll with removable accessory and battery-powered vehicle. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

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