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Barbie Celebrates National Moon Day

Barbie finds the moon perfect for dreaming, whether asleep or awake, but she’s having a hard time finding the moon on National Moon Day. Even though she has a telescope for her viewing party, the windows and the trees keep getting in the way. Her friends are problem solvers, though, and one of them has a brilliant idea -- who wants to go camping? They all pile into the camper and find a spot with a clear view of the moon. Everyone gets a chance to look through the telescope at the surface where Neil Armstrong placed man’s first step in 1969; National Moon Day commemorates the moment. Barbie® doll and her friends celebrate with a campfire (that really sizzles!), marshmallows on sticks and a sing-a-long. What a dreamy night, sigh. Check it out in this cool stop-motion video. Where will you spend National Moon Day? Wherever you are, Barbie® will be looking at the same moon. #NationalMoonDay