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Dive into Fun When You Unbox the Barbie Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat

Unbox the Barbie Dolphin MagicOcean View Boat and discover an ocean of fun! Siblings Kailey and Caleb dive right into see what’s inside. Check out all of the cool pieces that come with the boat--three puppies are so cute, the dolphin makes realistic sounds when you pull its tail, one puppy is an easy-to-use water squirt toy and the “glass” bottom shows new sea animal friends! Animated clips from the Barbie film inspire fans to recreate scenes and then let their imaginations drive the boat because it really floats. The two kids bring out a tub to make a splash,and Snorkel Fun Friends Barbie doll joins the fun. She has a trendy color-blocked top that changes its color to pink with warm water. It’s magical --dolphin magical!You can see all the magic and adventure with Barbie® and her sisters in Barbie Dolphin Magic™and wade right in with this unboxing video!